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We enable our clients to realize value across the entire lifecycle of their fee management solutions.

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Values and experiences

What you can expect

T-shaped mindset

Wide knowledge + deep expertise = collaborative innovation, problem-solving and holistic solutions for success

T-shaped mindset: Wide knowledge + deep expertise = Collaborative innovation, problem-solving, and holistic solutions for success

Our experience

We capitalise on over 25 years of experience in fee management projects to create future proof solutions.

We build on more than 25 years of successful experience in fee management projects to shape future proof solutions

Continuous partnership

Intrinsically, our clients become partners. We listen, we care and we thrive together.

At our core, clients are partners. We listen, we care, and together, we thrive.

Your challenges

Your fee management is inefficient, costly or overly complex?

Is your fee management solution actually serving your needs?

Is your fee management solution executing correctly and aligned with strategic priorities?

Proposed solution

Our approach to support your successful transformation

1. Plan - laying the foundations

Listening to our clients' needs, designing a future proof solution based upon an in-depth analysis, builds the foundations of a successful project. Our key expertise is in setting these foundations correctly.

2. Build - crafting with expertise

A trusted partnership and experienced project teams are key elements for successful projects. We accompany our clients during the selection of suitable vendor offerings including overseeing the implementation.

3. Run - holding the strings together

The correct integration of a newly envisaged solution and its subsequent maintenance ensure repeatable long-term value creation for our clients. Our ongoing services keep our clients moving forward whilst keeping the strings together.

Lifescycle-Grafik – Step 6: Run
Lifecycle - Step 1


As an independent expert consultancy, we prioritise our clients’ needs by listening to them without being constrained by pre-existing solutions.

  • Fee management health check
  • Business process analysis
  • Business requirements
  • Workshop organization and moderation
Lifecycle - Step 2


A proper business solution design, based on a validated target scope and requirements, is the foundation for building a reasonable yet future-proof solution.

  • Target scoping
  • Target operating model (TOM) definition
  • Business solution design
Lifecycle - Step 3


When implementing a solution, internally or via an external vendor, it is important to appreciate the long-term nature of the commitment. Choosing the correct provider means not only sourcing the best value proposition, but also unwavering confidence that you have engaged the most suitable partner.

  • Request for information (RFI) preparation and execution
  • Request for proposal (RFP) preparation and execution
  • Vendor selection
Lifecycle - Step 4


Implementing projects over extended time horizons can be overly burdensome on an organisation’s operations. By leveraging our deep business knowledge and project experience, we help our clients realise their projects, whilst minimising the impact on their organisation.

  • Project management
  • Application requirements specification
  • Software development (with partner network)
  • User acceptance testing
Lifecycle - Step 5


The integration of a new solution and the transition of people, processes and data into a new environment is a crucial yet often undervalued aspect of the transformation. Our services help to maintain control over the process and balance the workload.

  • Transition planning
  • System configuration
  • User training
  • Migration support
  • Go-live support
Lifecycle - Step 6


Changes in strategy, business and regulations necessitate adaptations and performance monitoring. Preserving knowledge and avoiding workarounds assists maintain the scope and coverage of the system. Our services help ensure the long-term success of the solution.

  • Business support
  • Change Requests analysis and specification
  • Support perfective maintenance
Lifescycle-Grafik – Step 1: ListenLifescycle-Grafik – Step 2: DesignLifescycle-Grafik – Step 3: EvaluateLifescycle-Grafik – Step 4: BuildLifescycle-Grafik – Step 5: IntegrateLifescycle-Grafik – Step 6: Run
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Andreas Hütt am Schreibtisch
Andreas Hütt
Managing Director and Founding Partner

As an experienced fee management professional, with a T-Shaped mindset blending broad understanding and deep expertise, I devise precise, innovative solutions. Collaboration and creativity are crucial for unlocking optimization opportunities. I place paramount importance in accuracy thereby ensuring outcomes exceeding expectations.

Banking 25+ years
Workshop facilitation and training 20+ years
Fee Management 20+ years
Software Implementation projects 15+ years
Requirements Engineering 15+ years
Fee Management Expertise
  • Trailer fees / Distribution fees
  • Platform fees
  • Client / Mandate billing
  • Bill processing / Cost allocation
  • Retrocessions
  • Fund related fees
  • Taxe d’Abonnement / Subscription tax
Michal Slesar am Schreibtisch
Michal Slesar
Managing Director and Founding Partner

With extensive experience in fee management, sales controlling, and insurance, I prioritise customer needs, devise accurate, innovative structures for profitability and compliance. Skilled in diverse, international teams, fostering collaboration to uncover opportunities for efficient fee handling structures including asset control and financial strategies.

Banking 15 years
Insurance 5 years
Workshop facilitation and training 5+ years
Fee Management 10 years
Software Implementation projects 10 years
Requirements Engineering 10 years
Fee Management Expertise
  • Trailer fees / Distribution fees
  • Platform fees
  • Client / Mandate billing
  • Bill Processing
  • Retrocessions
  • Fund related fees

Regulatory Expertise

  • MiFID II – Client inducement reporting
  • MiFID II – Cost and Charges

Sales Controlling

  • Invested assets and cash flow calculation
  • Financial reporting

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